Q: How are your hearing devices so much cheaper?

A: Budget Hearing Care cut out the middle-man to provide high-quality, effective, and durable hearing devices delivered directly to our customers at an affordable price. We have designed new Self-Fitting Hearing Devices with a team of engineers and audiologists to feature pre-set programmed listening modes, that are based on thousands of audiograms of men and women aged 50+ and therefore do not need to be prescription fit to each individual. They contain the same high quality, digital chip and processor technology included in much more expensive hearing aids and are ready to wear right out of the box, starting as low as $99.00. That's how we made the best value hearing devices in the market.


Q: What is the difference between the Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth model?

A: The Bluetooth model connects to your Smartphone via a free App that you download and it allows you to control all the hearing device controls, such as Volume, Program Settings, Treble, Base. You can also control the Volume and Program Setting on the device. 


Q: Does the Bluetooth model stream phone calls and music?

A: No, it only connects to the App for controlling the Volume, Program Settings, Treble, Base.


Q: How do I buy with Afterpay?

A: Place your order online and you can select Afterpay at the checkout.


Q: Can I pick them up from you? 

A. To keep our prices and costs low, we sell online and selected pharmacies. We ship from our Sydney warehouse and deliver by Australia Post in 2-5 days usually.


Q: Do I have to program BHC Hearing Devices when I purchased them or am I able to use them right out of the box?

A:  Our hearing devices are pre-programmed to fit the most common hearing loss and hearing environment so that you can use your hearing devices the moment you open your package. We do recommend that initially you read the instruction manual on how to change volumes and suggest that you start at volume level 1.  The hearing device does not require fitting by a hearing specialist. We provide everything necessary for the product to comfortably fit, in the box.


Q:  How does the volume setting work?

A: Each time you press the rocker switch either up or down you will hear a quick beep and the volume will change. This is demonstrated on our instructional video.


Q: How do the pre-programmed modes work?

A:  The BHC Hearing Device comes with 4 pre-programmed mode settings for different listening environments.  These settings address 95% of the most common listening challenges.

To change the listening mode, press and hold the rocker switch (volume button) until you hear a beep or series of beeps, then release.

  1. P1: Speech (Beep). Environment: In a constant quiet environment like at home having a conversation with people.
  2. P2: Restaurant (Beep, beep). Environment: In a noise restaurant having a conversation with people beside you.
  3. P3: Road (Beep, beep, beep). Environment: In a loud place with limited noise level around you.
  4. P4: Outdoor (Beep, beep, beep, beep). Environment: In a noisy loud place to provide maximum noise reduction.

Q: Is the price for 1 or 2? 

A: The devices are sold single and the price is for 1.


Q: How do I order a pair?

A: You can select Two Devices (1 Pair) when you order or by adding to the cart and then changing the quantity to 2 at the check out.


Q:  What battery does the device use?

A: 312 zinc-air hearing aid battery. This is a standard hearing aid battery. 

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The battery lasts 5-7 days, depending on use. We recommend that the device is turned off at night and when not in use to maximise battery life. 

Q:  Are batteries included?

A: Batteries are not included. You can order on our online shop or buy from pharmacies and hearing clinics.


Q: How do I turn the device on and off?

A: Closing the battery door to turns the device on. Opening the battery door turns the device off. 


Q: How do I fix feedback, if I hear a whistling sound?

A: If you hear a whistling sound it is feedback caused by sound escaping from your ear canal and being picked up by the mic.

To fix this sounds you should try the following:

a) Change the ear dome to a larger size and a closed type (non-vented)

b) Check your ear canal and also the ear dome tip for ear wax blockage and clean to remove blockages.


Q:  Will my private health insurer pay for the devices?

A: You should check with your private health insurer as every policy covers different items.

Q: What is the difference between a PSAP hearing device and a hearing aid?

A:  Our hearing amplification technology is a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) or also called an Alternative Listening Device (ALD).

A hearing aid will need to be fitted and programmed by a hearing specialist specifically for your individual hearing loss based on a hearing test called an audiogram.

Our digital personal amplifiers are pre-programmed with 4 listening modes for better hearing in common challenging listening environments. They are ready to use right out of the box.

Customer feedback has demonstrated that they help those with mild hearing difficulties to hear speech much better in noisy environments.

In a recent study of 56 adults, for those with mild and moderate hearing loss, there were no differences between PSAP, basic HA, and premium HA for speech perception, sound quality, listening effort, and user preference. 

Further reading click here


Q: What are the signs of potential hearing loss?

A: Do any of the following situations sound familiar?

  • It seems as though people are constantly mumbling
  • You ask others to repeat themselves on a regular basis
  • Conversations become muddled or indecipherable in noisy environments
  • Others complain that the TV volume is too loud
  • It’s difficult to hear certain voices, particularly those of women or children
  • You no longer hear noises like rustling leaves, footsteps, or whispers
  • Music sounds less rich or full-bodied than it used to

If so, it’s possible you may have some degree of hearing loss. It’s an incredibly common health condition, and thankfully there are now ways you can hear better that are affordable and could improve the quality of your life. Treating hearing loss can provide significant benefits including enhanced mood, greater productivity and even the potential to reduce risk of future cognitive decline.


Q: Will a BHC Hearing Device cure the ringing in my ears?

A:  Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, is most commonly caused by nerve-related hearing loss.  Our hearing devices will not cure or diminish the ringing in your ears.

Some of our customers have found that they may assist along with using a masking sound. There is a range of masking sounds you can download and stream from your phone such as https://www.audionotch.com/tinnitus-masker


Q: How do these hearing devices compare to custom hearing aids?

A:  Custom hearing aids provide the highest level of prescription fit that you can get, but that level of device can come with a price tag that can exceed $4000 per ear! If price is no object, then you may want to pursue a custom hearing aid. However, for most people, custom hearing aid costs are a significant barrier to better hearing. Our hearing devices are an ideal solution to start your journey to better hearing and you may decide to move to a custom hearing aid in the future.


Q: What if I accidentally get my Hearing Device wet?

A:  Because the hearing device is so comfortable to wear, it is not uncommon for us to hear that it was accidentally worn into the shower or in the rain.  Should this happen, the devise is not necessarily damaged beyond repair.  The following are helpful tips in case you should get yours wet.

  1. Remove the battery and leave the compartment door wide open
  2. Wipe the shell with a soft dry cloth
  3. Dry the amplifier using a fan or hairdryer on the “cool” setting NOT “hot”.
  4. Place the unit in a sealed plastic baggie filled with uncooked rice
  5. Leave it overnight.  The rice acts as a dehumidifier and soaks up the water.
  6. Insert a new battery.


Q: What happens if my package says it was delivered to my address but I can't find it? 

A: If the tracking says that the package was delivered you should reach out to the carrier for assistance. 


Q: How long is delivery?

A: We aim to pack and ship your purchase as soon as we receive your order and it is sent via Australia Post. It may take up to 1-2 weeks. We ship internationally from our warehouse in Sydney, Australia.


Q:  Should I buy 1 or 2 BHC Hearing Device?

A:  We know that the brain processes sound from both ears for improved clarity, meaning, balance and localisation.  Being able to hear with both ears is just as important as being able to see with both eyes.  If you closed one eye, your depth perception would be distorted.  If you close off one ear, your understanding is affected.  Studies show an improvement in speech recognition in noisy environments with 2 hearing aids rather than one and a the majority of people preferred 2 rather than one.


Q:  If I can only afford 1, which ear?

A: It may sound counter-intuitive but if you can only afford one at this time, you should fit the better hearing ear.  This ear will probably have better discrimination and you will benefit more from the amplification.


Q: What if I have questions regarding product features?

A:  Feel free to contact us by email with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you! Of course, our site also provides web pages with a comprehensive description of product features.


Q: How can I leave a review?

A: Budget Hearing Care would love your feedback. Post a Google review to our profile here https://g.page/r/CQdEM-pxkjs_EAY/review