Advisory Statement

Budget Hearing Care advises anyone who has a history of: (1)Visible congenital or traumatic deformity of the ear; (2) Active drainage from the ear within the previous ninety days; (3)sudden, or rapidly progressive, hearing loss within the previous ninety days;(4)acute chronic dizziness; (5) unilateral hearing loss of sudden or recent onset within the previous ninety days; (6) audiometric air-cone gap equal to, or greater than, fifteen decibels at five hundred hertz (HZ), one thousand HZ, and two thousand Hz; (7) visible evidence of cerumen accumulation, or a foreign body in the ear canal; and (8) pain or discomfort on the ear, to consult a physician or an audiologist prior to fitting of the hearing device.

The hearing device will not restore normal hearing nor will prevent further hearing loss. It is also recommended that any person under the age of eighteen years obtain an evaluation by an audiologist in addition to a medical evaluation before hearing devices are purchased by such person.

The purchaser is advised that any representation made by a Budget Hearing Care employee in connection with the business of selling these hearing devices, is not an examination, diagnosis, or prescription by a person licensed to practice medicine in the state, and therefore, must not be regarded as medical diagnosis.