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Budget Hearing Care was started in Sydney by a hearing aid industry executive, who previously managed one of the large global multinational hearing aid companies in Australia. Seeing the need for a convenient and affordable hearing solution he developed a direct to customer business model. That's how we made the best value hearing devices in the market with our mission being to help people to connect through quality, affordable and accessible hearing technology.

Budget Hearing Care's purpose is to help make hearing easier, more affordable and accessible by designing self fitting, ready to wear hearing devices that saves you time and money by being delivered direct.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of good hearing aid technology available, but for some people with hearing loss, they end up with a Rolls Royce, when a Toyota would do the job. Or worst still, don't get a hearing device at all.

In fact in a recent clinical study published in the American Medical Association Journal of Head and Neck (May 2019), which was a controlled and blinded study, so people didn’t know what device they were using, those with mild to moderate hearing loss could not tell the difference between a hearing device like ours that cost a few hundred dollars and a premium hearing aid that would cost up to $5,000.

So how did we get the price so low? We worked with audiologists and engineers to design and develop hearing technology that is self-fitting, meaning it does not need to be programmed to an individual prescription by a hearing specialist. It is pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box. It works by the wearer self adjusting the 4 pre-programmed listening modes that are pre-set to amplify the tones that would usually be lost in the general population of people with hearing loss.

The first person to trial the new BHC hearing devices was a lady by the name of Tammy, who had been wearing a $6,000 pair of hearing aids and had lost one, and then stopped wearing them for over a year. Tammy’s daughter Tanya said to her mum, “you’ve got to do something about your hearing aids, we can’t stand repeating ourselves all the time”. Tammy tried a pair of the hearing devices designed by Budget Hearting Care, and she said what “they were wonderful. I can hear as good as I could with my $6,000 hearing aids, and if I lose one again, at this price, I will buy another one”.

That drove us help more people like Tammy. People who are not benefitting from hearing technology when they could be, because of the high prices. Helping re-connect people to hear their family, loved ones, friends or just the TV and the sounds of birds chirping, and leaves rustling is what motivates us every day.

So why are they not called hearing aids?

In designing the hearing devices to be easy to use, self-fitting and affordable, we teamed up with audiologists and engineers from around the world and created one of world’s most advanced hearing devices.

Because of the design and that the device does not need to be programmed and fitted by a hearing specialist, the device is classed as a Personal Sound Amplification Device (PSAP) or Assistive Listening Device (ALD) by government authorities in Australia and New Zealand. So we can’t call it a hearing aid. But the high tech components are the same.

Budget Hearing Care’s goal is to help the almost 5 million Australians and New Zealanders who currently have hearing loss, and many who take 7-10 years to do something about it, to get a great solution for up to 85% of the price of traditional hearing aids by delivering them direct.

Budget Hearing Care’s devices are almost invisible and come with the latest digital hearing technology. Your order includes many different ear-dome sizes to ensure it fits nice and comfortable. No one will even know you’re wearing them!

Our promise at Budget Hearing Care is to help you to connect with the people and the world around you easily and affordably.

Budget Hearing Care is owned and operated by MediPro Technologies Pty Ltd, ABN:
 67 613 486 409, an Australian company. We are based in Sydney.

We ship our hearing devices to locations Australia-wide, New Zealand and Internationally.

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